Circle of Compassion

Coming to the Eudamonia Center in September. Check back for details         

The Circles of Compassion are in response to the larger collective prayer to be of use in this time of great challenge on earth. Almost everyone sees and feels the urgency and delicacy of this time on earth. The darkness and its companions of hatred, vengeance, violence and judgment, are enormous and increasing, as well as the responses of compassion, courage and inspiration towards unity and a new way to live.

The Circle of compassion is an answer to a prayer made by my teacher Jonathan Goldman. The prayer to be of service to the greater good was made, and the Circles of Compassion was the answer.

The Circle of Compassion lasts a little over an hour. Its form is simple and relaxed.  We begin with a meditation that guides us  into the space of compassion that lives in our hearts and then we connect to each other in that space creating an energetic altar for our prayers. Then each person has the chance to bring into the formed circle an issue, a person, or a situation. It could be personal to them, to their family, and/or to the larger world. As we do this, we are holding a hospitable space of compassion for Light to be able to come and illuminate what we brought into the center of the circle.

Learn more and Create a Circle of Compassion in your community.

Join the Women’s Community Healing Circle
The Power of Water for Self-Renewal

Join me for a morning of cleansing and learning the art of an herbal bath.

Join me for a morning of letting go and clearing away from our physical, mental, and emotional selves what’s not useful.

We will talk about the cleansing power of water and how we can consciously use it for our own healing in our lives. Then we will practice the art of using an herbal bath for cleansing. 

To do this we will use a specially prepared herbal bath. An herbal bath is a great way to relax, cleanse, and relieve tension. You can immerse your self in a tub of herbs, and in our case we will be pouring water over our heads, downs our arms and legs, washing our faces, and hands in a specially prepared herbal mixture for cleansing. This will all happen in our beautiful garden, fully clothed, and in a safe and nurturing environment with other caring women.

This is an Experiential  4- week course designed to give you a practical and experienced understanding of your Human Energy Vehicle.

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