Creating a Gratitude Practice

Creating a gratitude practice is simple. You don’t have to find a special place to practice being grateful, it can be done anywhere and at anytime. It can be especially potent if we set aside 5 minutes of quiet time to settle down, but it’s not required. You can choose to use a journal to write down what you are grateful for and keep a log that you can review at a later date.

My preferred method is to hold hands in front of my heart and say what I am grateful for out loud.

This gives me the bodily felt sense of gratitude, which in my experience, activates the energy of gratitude more strongly. I like to speak directly to our Creator and All That Is when I express my gratitude. I also express my gratitude to the Holy Mother. But you don’t have to do it like that. Do it in a way that feels real for you and produces the feeling of gratitude to your heart and throat. If you can, do this every day before you start your day, and during your day. Make a point of being grateful for all that comes your way, positive or negative. I’m grateful for the challenges I face because they help me grow and learn and become a better person.

I am grateful for…..