Whose Prayers Get Answered?

I was in a circle of compassion a few weeks back. Some of you have participated in it before. It’s a circle designed to give the participants an opportunity to hold in the light of compassion their concerns, and hopes of healing for family, friends and humanity. As things were moving along, I noticed that there were prayers for the “other side” that had some us vs. them in it. This wasn’t intentional, as its just what’s been going on for the past four years, now showing up in our circle. I felt uncomfortable. I realized that my conscience was speaking to me, pointing out that our collective ideology had entered into our circle. In fact, it seemed, that by allowing our ideology to enter in, we were doing the opposite of compassion. Compassion is a neutral vibration that holds the entirety of humanity in the truth that each one is evolving and healing at the pace that is appropriate for the individual, regardless of their ideology, place in society, net worth, color of skin, and orientation. Compassion doesn’t judge, compassion doesn’t aim to change people, but to hold space for the way people need to transform and in their right time. As we continued, it dawned on me that there are “other” people in the “other” camp praying for us to see the light, or their version of it as we were so inadvertently doing.

Duh, my little bubble was once again popped, so just exactly how does this work? Last night I began the question, whose prayer gets answered? This afternoon the answer came. It’s not what you pray for that is answered, or not, it is what is in the highest good that is brought through our prayers. It’s not easy for my mind to penetrate that answer, but my softened and wiser heart can begin the contemplation.

My heart aches with all that is transpiring. Rather than swimming on the surface of ideology, opinion, and I need it to be this way so I can be happy, I am regularly urged to seek the deeper meaning and lessons this pivotal time in history is currently offering me. I’ve committed myself to listening and feeling as I weave my way towards the highest good and with a humbler heart that is willing to accept what passes before me so I can act appropriately from the best part of who I am.

Whatever outcome you desire, my prayer is that each of us have the capacity to hold the unfolding in a grounded heart that serves each and every one.

Peace to each one, no matter what the choice.