Healing Over Thinking

A friend wrote to me last week and said, “Lourdes, people need to think more!” Of course I laughed and knew what he meant. “Yeah, people do need to think more about things, and in the correct way.” Was my response. We have to think in a way that actually has value and serves. This is not always the case and is why so many of us suffer from the kind of thinking that gets us into a bad spot.

In preparation for my offering next Tuesday, I’ve upped the anti on paying attention to my thoughts, how I relate to them, and how a particular thought makes my body feel when it arises. What comes first? The thought and the feeling, or the other way around? What can I do to help my self when one of those “get me down” thoughts comes in? It’s been super interesting, and that simple exercise has created some lovely space within.

There was a time when my thoughts ruled. This, fortunately, is no longer the case. Calm and peace is mostly the norm with the occasional upset in my thinking. These days, I am in the understanding that a thought is not a reflection of who I am, but something that arises within me that I can choose to be in relationship with or not. I think of the rising sun, it appears in the moment and I can choose to bask in it, or simply notice it and continue on with what I was doing. This is how we need to relate to our thoughts. We want to be the parent of our mind, guiding it to do what we want rather than the other way around. None the less, some thoughts grip me and then I become lost, those kind of thoughts point me in the direction of what it is I need to heal.

The key to healing unhealthy thinking, is to become aware of how we relate to our thoughts when they arise, and the effect the thought is having on our sense of safety. Developing a practice that connects us to our body and our innate peace and compassion is the primary way I have learned to heal overthinking. Being in our body and feeling safe allows the mind to relax. A regulated nervous system is the pathway to accessing the kind of peace and compassion we need for ourselves to thrive. Join me on Tuesday and explore how you can do this for yourself.

Overthinking can be painful and destructive. I would like to show you how to heal yourself from over using your brain power and be free from anxiety, worry, fear, suspicion, hopelessness…to name a few of the negative emotions that come with overthinking.

Visit my work with me page and we can explore:

  • The Triune Brain and how an imbalance affects our thinking and being.
  • Identify your own patterns of overthinking.
  • Learn how to access peace and compassion as a center point for calming your mind
  • Explore your nervous system’s role in your overthinking.
  • Specific practices that will help you end rumination.