Gratitude from Lourdes

I have so many to thank in my life. First, my mother, who gave me everything I needed to walk the path of compassion, humility and forgiveness.  My Father who showed me how to live in the material world. My two older sisters who showed me what I should and should not do. My friends who have watched, listened to and held space for the many incarnations I have had in this life so far. My teachers in education, spirituality and in the understanding and application of being in my heart and in becoming human. My clients whose dedication, and transformation have fueled me all of these years. My amazing husband, who is truly my partner in self transformation, my daughter who has given me the enormous gift of what it means to love someone unconditionally, and our dog Biscuit who is truly a master at unconditional love.

Thank you to my Holy Father, Christ and the Blessed Mother, and all the angels that have and continue to walk with me here on earth.

May you all be blessed with peace, love, compassion and gratitude of the heart!

With love,

Gratitude for

“Lourdes demonstrates the essential qualities that I look for in a true healer.” She understands that it is not she doing the healing, but that she is a holder of the space of compassion for those who are ready to heal themselves with the aid of the authentic spiritual forces that she has learned to invoke and serve. And as important, she is committed to her own healing and development, not only as a vessel for healing, but as a person. That makes her not only a facilitator of deep healing, but an example of it.

Jonathan Goldman, The Essential Light Institute

“Lourdes Billingsley is a brilliant, highly intuitive and gifted spiritual teacher. She is my “go to” person when I feel my coaching clients are needing a deep level of healing that will contribute to their transformation and continued success path. Lourdes is the “real deal” healer and a testament to her 25 years of her own spiritual and emotional growth. There are few teachers or mentors who walk their talk…
Lourdes is amongst these few and I highly recommend working with her. You life will not be the same!”
Rita Hovakimian, Business Coach and Prosperity Mentor, InspiringSuccess.Com

“Lourdes is one of those illuminated beings that you may have the privilege of meeting on only a few occasions in a lifetime. Her wisdom and wit are a gift – her presence is powerful and her counsel can be life changing. She will tell you the truth with kindness and open your heart and mind to the possibilities that await any soul in search of wholeness. I recommend her work as what our world so needs.
Jeff Patnaude, Founder, Patnaude Group

“Lourdes has been one on of my mentors for 25 years. She has an incredible gift of healing. Her insights, clarity and intuitive strengths give her a masterful set of tools to help guide her clients on a transformative path. She does this from a place of great love and compassion. Her evolution as a healer these past 25 years is extraordinary! If you want to tackle some deep issues or pain, she will help you unravel the complexity of it one loving and nurturing layer at a time.”
Kimberly Kassner, Founder and Teacher at Empowermind

“My experience as a twenty-five-year public school principal, five-year Independent School Headmaster, and thirty-year University of Virginia Adjunct professor, and as one entering the Council of Elders, I believe and accept that Lourdes Billinglsey will make the world a better place for children and therefore a better world for my grandchildren and all those touched by her. I believe that whatever Lourdes does in the world of transformation will be gratefully received and enormously appreciated.
Dr. George H. Thoms

“Over the past five years, Lourdes has helped me to live a more authentic life. Whether I had a specific issue I needed help sorting out, or just felt ready for deeper self-exploration and understanding, her wisdom and compassion have helped me to grow into a truer version of myself. Thanks to her guidance and intuition, I have been able to heal old wounds, find my power and be the wife and mother I was meant to be.”
Anonymous, California

“Lourdes’ work is healing, hopeful, compassionate.  She is truly intuitive and connects with parts of you buried deep within your subconscious. Lourdes works directly with the power of divine assistance. She is calm, kind and loving.”
Kim Haji, California

“I BELIEVE Lourdes’ work is extraordinary. She helps you tap into your intuition and she will not let you get away with bullshit.  She stands out because she is exact in her word choice so that her feedback feels magically tailor made. Without exception Lourdes has given me permission to speak the truth. My work with her has given me an expanded sense of myself where I can easily go deeper in my journey of exploration and knowing.”
Sonya Gueretta, California

“As mentor and healer, Lourdes offers life lessons in the most practical and real ways. Her intuition and deep knowing are an integral part of who she is and enable her to be incredibly helpful and insightful. She’s a natural.”
– Sylvia, California

“Advice from Lourdes always proves right. I have shared some of my most complex client problems with Lourdes (I am a therapist by profession), and come to her with problems of my own. And with the most complex issues, she gets right to the heart of the matter. She is insightful, right on target, and focused.”
– Alan Barsky, Certified Hypnotherapist