2021 Annual Personal Review 
                   January 8th, 2022           
Donation Fundraiser to help subsidize sessions for those who need more than 70% financial assistance.

The focus of this personal review is on how Life has been Your Teacher in 2021. We will work with a series of questions, meditations and explorations so you can:

  • Reflect on what has come about for you this year in your personal growth
  • Practice gratitude for all you have been given.
  • Bring conscious closure to 2022
  • Create an intention for your growth for next year.
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Broken Boundaries: How Trauma Makes us Psychic


Many of us that have highly advanced intuition, or the ability to feel the emotions and intentions of others, have experienced trauma.

Trauma can increase our natural psychic ability and make us more sensitive to what we don’t see with our natural eye.  We may have prophetic dreams, a super sense of intuition, and ability to know what might be coming next, an ability to sense things that most do not, and a propensity to take on others energy, or unconscious and unprocessed material.

“It makes evolutionary sense that experiencing life-threatening danger would result in increased vigilance and being more highly tuned to the environment. It would benefit the species to become extra sensitive toward potential future threats, thereby developing a keen intuition, an “extra sense” to insure better protection next time. We become a much more sensitive biological antenna, tuned to the subtleties that may escape others’ perception.”

In this 5-week online class…you’ll be guided through a series of healing and thought-provoking explorations on the connection between trauma, boundary rupture, and increased psychic, intuitive and mediumistic ability. Whether you’re working on yourself and or helping others to heal, exploring this rich topic for healing and self-understanding, along with Lourdes’ insight and direct experience on the topic, will deepen your own healing and insight. By grasping the connection of your trauma to your psychic and empathic ability and its’ effect on who you are today, your self-awareness deepens along with the potential for greater inner freedom, discernment, happiness and meaning.

“Broken Boundaries” will teach you how to:

~Strengthen your discernment between a trigger, and intuitive/psychic perception.

~Explore the health of your physical and energetic boundaries and assess the healing needed.

~Heal the fissures in your connection with source.

~Gain perspective on where you are personally on this topic.

~Identify some of your ancestral trauma and how you may be playing it out.                                     

~Craft a plan for your healing based on what you have learned.                                                       

~Deepen your insight with the distorted pictures that are coloring your life.


                                                              Five Sessions-On Zoom                                                                                                               

Sundays: February 6, 13, 20, 27:    7-8:30pm   

One Saturday: March 5 : 12- 2:30pm



Weekly In Person Meditation Class

Salt On Main in Laurel MD


While our mind and heart are very often not in the present moment, our body is always and only in the present. Our body is always here. If you’re not feeling that, you’re not here—period. It’s simple and profound: anchoring ourselves in our body through our awareness of sensation is the one thing we can count on to be here now and further our inner work. The Enneagram Institute


Your nervous system is your first line of defense for all of your daily interactions.  Developing resiliency, the ability to bounce back and move from experience to experience with ease and flexibility is key to our  and physical, mental and emotional comfort. It is also the key to our happiness and contentment.  We will explore the role our nervous system plays in our happiness and I will show you specific practices you can utilize for a more resilient and flexible nervous system response to life. Body Centered Meditation is a wonderful and effective practice for wellbeing and personal development. It supports us in being in touch with our body, inner self and our sense of direction in our lives. Meditation has a positive effect how we engage with others and the world around us. It is also a key element in reducing calming and regulating the nervous system helping us to sleep better, improve our mood, reduce anxiety and improve overall brain function.

  • Learn what your gateway is into relaxation.
  • Calm your mind and body for a focused day and a good nights rest.
  • Meditate in a way that works for you.
  • Regulate your anxiety and negative emotions.
  • Learn how to use your meditation to help you answer questions and gain insight.   
  • Get support to develop a consistent practice.
  • Create a practice that fits your personality.     


 More Information Coming Soon