Foundations of the Divine Study

“Lourdes… is insightful, right on target, and focused.”

Using Life as Your Teacher

This 8-week live online course introduces you to the fundamentals of the Divine Study.

In this program you will

  • Explore and deepen your understanding of your life purpose and mission
  • Explore the gifts of humility, compassion, faith, and forgiveness and how to use them in your life.
  • Learn how to actively use prayer and intention for your healing to transform your current condition.
  • Learn how to discern your inner guidance from fear and anxiety.
  • Develop a daily practice that fits your lifestyle and character and supports you in being connected to the best parts of yourself.
  • Begin the study of your energetic anatomy: Grounding, aura, chakras
  • Learn how to keep your energy clear and clean for optimal living and to receive the guidance of your highest self
  • Deepen your discernment so you can trust your intuition and make choices that genuinely serve you.

October 1 – November 25, 2018
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