Use your nervous system as a teacher & transform your life.

Life is a powerful way to transform ourselves, and our nervous system is our guide.  The tools I provide teach you how to listen deeply to your body,  and inner self. Learn how to become your own healer and feel confident about who you are, trust your inner direction, and your healthy instincts.

Hearing the call

What is your life and nervous system calling you to attend to? Some calls are subtle intuition that something needs to change while some are more dramatic. Sometimes the call comes in the form of bodily symptoms, a problem or recurring pattern that you realize must change. However it arrives, it’s there to help us re-orient the way we are living in our lives.

We begin with regulating your nervous system and developing a greater capacity to feel. We also deepen your understanding of how your nervous system works for you or doesn’t. This helps you understand what is going on in your life, where you may be going off course and what changes you might want to make.

Answering the call

Hearing the call is an extraordinary moment in time. Your call – perhaps in the form of a problem, symptoms or “situation” – arrives to capture your attention. It provides an opportunity for growth and transformation. How you listen and attend to the call all set the stage for what you do in response.

Taking action

Together, we will create a course of action that guides you towards your healing and a natural unfolding of your life. I will help you engage in your healing from deep in the nervous system, heart and mind, and in an embodied way. You will learn that you are not alone and that you can trust that you are being guided and supported.

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